About VLXE

The 'X' in VLXE stands for a power term.
It can mean VLE or VLLE.

VLXE as a company was founded in 2003 by Dr. Torben Laursen who saw a need for software that was focused on complex fluids.

Initially the focus was on polymer/copolymer systems, but now we cover all common kinds of complex fluids.

We offer the most modern and state of the art thermodynamic models and a short time span between model development and its implementation.

Meet the staff:

Dr. Torben Laursen Dr. Laursen is the creator and owner of VLXE.

He has a Master of Science and Ph.D. in chemical engineering, both from the Technical University of Denmark.

He worked as a Post-Doc at the University of Calgary, and on two occasions with Dr. Heidemann on the subject of polymer modeling.
Lukas Andersen Lukas is currently doing his Bachelor's degree at Roskilde University Center, with a focus on psychology and business-studies.

He is doing quality control (QA) and helps with marketing activities for VLXE.