Future support of 32bit VLXE

64bit software has become very common. This combined with the fact that most VLXE users are running 64bit VLXE has lead me to decide that all future versions of VLXE will only be avaiable in 64bit. Version 9.x and 8.x will still be maintained in 32bit.
The comming version 10 and the new product VLXE Process will only be released in 64bit. This move is done in order to focus resources where they matter the most.
If you have any questions, please contact VLXE.
News list

Announcing new VLXE product: VLXE Process

In order to offer more advanced calculations a new product is under development here at VLXE. It will allow the user the well know user experience from Excel but will also include support for advanced phase diagram modelling plus process calculations.
The product will run independent of Excel.
The reason for introducing this product is that running calculations within Excel does come with a lot of advantages, but it also has some disadvantages. The new product will allow VLXE to develope an even better product, while VLXE for Excel will still evolve and be maintained.
More news will follow over the coming months.
If you have any questions, please contact VLXE.

End of life notice for older VLXE versions

Since the vast majority of VLXE users are using either version 8.x or 9.x it has been decided to change the way older version of VLXE are supported.
This is done in order to focus resources on the most recent versions of VLXE, including the coming version 10 of VLXE for Excel + the new VLXE Process product.
Starting from the first of July 2018 the following decisions will apply:
#1 Customers with a uninterrupted service contract will receive support for VLXE versions as far back as there service period goes.
#2 Customers with a interrupted service contract will be asked to upgrade to version 9.x plus renew their lease in order to receive support.
What this means is that, if you are using a version of VLXE older than 9.x and have not maintained a uninterrupted service contract,
you will not have access to support for your VLXE version after the first of July 2018.
This change affects only a few customers and they have been notified directly by e-mail
If you have any questions or comments to this, please contact VLXE.

VLXE version 9 ready for download

Highlights for this version is the new phase diagram calculations
that combine all the previous phase boundarys tracking routines
plus add support for SLVE.
Comparing to DIPPR is a common way to verify PC-SAFT parameters
and now a new calculation lets the user compare density,
vapor pressure and heat capacity with just a few mouse clicks.
Read more here

VLXE version 8 ready for download

Highlights for this version is better support for internal properties. The user now has access to all the relevant ideal and residual values.
The project sheet is now in version 15 and has been streamlined.
VLXE is now 100% focused on polymer calculations so the oil and gas module has been removed.
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VLXE Courses

For some time I have wanted to provide more courses beside the use of VLXE Blend.
Two new courses are therefore now available. The courses are for engineers or students that already know some thermodynamic
but are looking for more knowledge about the practical use and implementation of thermodynamic.
For more information see the course page or contact VLXE.

Asphaltene system with three and four phase areas.

A new version of the flash in VLXE Blend is almost ready for release.
The work started as a result of a study of a particular tricky asphaltene system that has a large 4- phase area plus several 3-phase areas.
The new Flash will correctly detect the entire phase diagram for this system.